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from Angie Eats Peace

The Road to Veganism: Part 2-My Vegan Journey

- Howard Lyman. [That's LyMan with an "M." They mistakenly made a typo in his last name.] Montana cattle rancher & long-time Vegan. Activist, author & all-around brilliant & funny man! Can't say enough great things about him.

Andy Goldsworthy I love the natural imagery of the bird's nest and the fact that it was actually made by a man, rather than the animal who is actually supposed to create it

!!! <3 Absolutely STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! This artist is amazing. This looks so real that it could be a photograph. I love, Love, LOVE Elephants. <3 !!!

Being Vegan means you love all animals and don't want them to suffer. Factory farms are the worst animal abusers and they kill the food that you eat!

Cat refused to leave its owner’s grave - WTF fun fact

Magpie - This isn't the magpie that I see in my garden or the local parks here in Australia. It is beautiful and this is a lovely photograph. Wish I could attribute it but photographer's names are missing in at least 80% of the images online. S


Mules rule over horses, donkeys in spatial cognition tests

Donkeys - arguably the noblest beasts in all of the animal kingdom. The ass is sober, patient, sure-footed, has good stamina and contrary to common belief is not stubborn. African and Asian wild asses are the same species as the domestic donkey.