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(Fc: girls that look like her) "Hi there." I wink. "I'm Peyton. I drink, smoke, and sell drugs. I went to jail cause I killed my dad but ay, the dick deserved it. I'm 21 and single. I'm rich and I only do hookups. I guess I could try a relationship but oh well." I shrug. "Come say hi." I grin.

Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley. Hair ... Everything really.

fc: sage tullis | amanda steele ] "hey, i'm kendall. you could call me kenny or ken if you'd like." i laugh softly. "i am a bisexual seventeen year old. i am almost eighteen. i also am quite the bookworm. uhm, say hi if you'd like to."

Instagram media by ashleeroseboots - Pretty lil' fuzz babe @taylor_hill makeup by @samuelpaulmakeup @zoeygrossman @pursenboots #hairbyboots

My chest area is really badly peeling and my tan is peeling off with it .. Obviously, is there anything I can do to stop the area getting bigger and it peeling? More

Spring-time calls for au naturale makeup looks, including cream eye-shadow, dark eyebrows, and blush lips.