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Expectations shape ones attitude. Wanna be happy, be grateful for doing your best, not where you placed.

Best celebration of the Olympics . USA (David Boudia) celebrates gold like it is silver, China (Qiu Bo) celebrates silver like it is nothing, but Britain (Tom Daley) celebrates bronze like it is platinum. (Excuse the language)

Aw it's okay Stiles I believe in you- Teen Wolf

"I'm hearing gunfire and werewolves, and I'm standing here like a frickin' idiot all by myself with a handful of magic fairy dust.

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My feet are killing and I hate them sort s of night I would rather be with you xx

Remember When…and you had to rewind or be charged $1.00

35 things you will never see again. but you'll want to tell your kids about. Blockbuster Video had. Few good years working there in college!

Whaaaatt? Aries don't kill anyone?That can't be right,but damn those geminis

I think the fact that Capricorn kills 4 and can't be killed ourselves just proves that Capricorns are the badasses of the group 😜 sorry babe for my sign killing yours!

this is so rude. I'm not a big fan of the choices he has made, but, you still shouldn't do something like that. You might look at is as a "joke" but it's not. Just sayin. He's been getting a LOT of hate lately. Remember, they have feelings too. ~Weird Girl

At first I thought someone actually liked Justin Bieber. Add Perrie Edwards to the Death Note as well.