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Dug .58 Cal. 3 Ring Bullet in piece of wood. Great piece dug long ago by Brad Dilbeck near Allatoona Pass, GA.

This is a nice original dug Civil War bullet known to collectors as the .577 caliber "Linder Carbine bullet”. This one is in fine shape with an attractive look. It is a variant of the style pictured as figure #143 in McKee & Mason’s Bullet book.

Confederate .54 Merrill Carbine Bullet Description: Here is an outstanding .54 Merrill Carbine bullet. These were manufactured at the Richmond Laboratory for the Confederacy. This one has a very slick patina and great mold characteristics. McKee & Mason mistakenly called this bullet a Confederate Morse Carbine bullet in their bullet book. This is the one ring version but there is also a three ring version that is similar. Measures: D .552 L .840 C None Cavity: None Reference: RBTRF…

Excavated U.S. 3 Piece Shaler Bullet .58 Cal. M&M # 520. This variant is the most commonly encountered. Perfect condition with all three pieces dug together and not married from pieces. Dug near Stafford, VA.

An excavated, "bullet in wood". This is a .58 cal. 3-ring Minie ball imbedded in a piece of heartwood pine. This was recovered many years ago on private property in Chickamauga, Georgia.

McKee & Mason 413 Georgia troops bullet. This is the harder to find 0.54 caliber bullet. This bullet is in very good dug condition. The patina is a light white & a teat can be plainly seen inside of the cavity. Notice how sharp the nose point is. Measures about 0.52 x 1.085 inches.