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(Open rp, needs someone to be him.) I had given up hope. They had found me and locked me up. The chains were to strong, even for me. I heard the door creak open. I didn't care. Let them test me. I would rather be killed than here at this point. "Sit down!" I heard a guard yell. I looked up and saw a boy with wings about my age be shoved to the ground. The guard locked him up and slammed the door shut.

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Amy Judd. Artist. Oil painting. Modern art. Portraits. Nature. Insects. Animals.

Love the colors - Amy Judd, seen on Hicks Gallery - sold oil painting - art / artwork

Inspiring back bend practice @aminahtaha & @aloyoga.. Thanks -IG/Yogainspiration

Inspiring back bend practice @aminahtaha & @aloyoga.. Thanks -IG/Yogainspiration

She was fire and fury. She was vengeful and unmercifully defiant. Beautifully broken. She was the goddess of hell because she was a fallen angel. And god help anyone who dared to defy her.

The light hit her blue eyes perfectly as she looked at the victim. Her heart pounded in her rib cage as her hand trembled to feel the knife plunge into the helpless body.

Hits home but put a smile on my face at the end.  Nicely written.  Miss u baby boy

Hits home but put a smile on my face at the end. Miss u baby boy