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Rare cats and even rarer kittens Snow Leopard Rusty Spotted Cat Rare Species Conservation Centre Pallas Cat Jaguarundi Fishing Cat Desert Sand Cat Black Footed Cat

The bowmouth guitarfish (Rhina ancylostoma), also called the shark ray or mud skate, is a species of ray and the sole member of the family Rhinidae. A rare fish, it is vulnerable to extinction for numerous reasons: fins for soup, bycatch, food, blast fishing, coral bleaching, siltation, and more.

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Tasmanian Giant Freshwater Crayfish - Astacopsis gouldi - This crayfish is the world's largest freshwater invertebrate. In the past, individuals of over 11 lbs and over 31" have been known, but individuals over 4.4 lbs are rare. Due to habitat loss & over fishing, it has unfortunately become an endangered species

Pelican eye ... pelicans are very curious and sweet ... their giant beaks are soft with the edges being a lil rough but they don't hurt ... saved manyyyyyy pelicans by removing fishing lures that clamped their beak closed ... <3

Albino Black Bear...this is not an albino black bear, this is a spirit bear a rarity in the northwest

Sailfish - A magnificent creature that can reach 110 km per hour (68mph) under water, making it the fastest waterdweller alive.