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Akashic Records,Eee

The #Akashic Records are said to hold the collective consciousness of all beings who have ever lived on the Earth - across all time. This magical database exists on the astral plane and contains infinite life experiences, as well as the keys to understanding the deeper karmic nature of all things in the #universe. #Spiritual

THE POWER OF MERKABA – My personal Experience – And how you can open yours up

"Chiastolite" This unusual crystal has long been regarded as a stone that is highly protective. These ancient beliefs have been shown to be true... as it is a highly effective psychic protection stone. These stones have strong metaphysical properties, as in meditation they will aid you to connect with the akashic records to discover past life information. They aid you to change negative energy into positive, and foster harmony and peace.

Blue Fluorite emits a calm energy that allows you to easily direct its energies towards your intended place. It helps with clear and concise communication, both here in the physical and between this plane and other worlds. Blue Fluorite is great for bringing order to your thoughts and their sequence and even record keeping! Chakras: Third Eye, Throat Astrological sign: Cancer, Pisces, Ophiuchus