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String art "The Stargazer Lily". String art flower. Purple lily. String art lily. Pink lily. Original gift ideas.

original intriguing stitched art by sparklymouse

Original Ola Gorie Jewellery Silver Art Nouveau Pendant 16" Chain Boxed Scottish

Maurizio Anzeri This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises


Handmade 8 Heart Wreath

handmade heart wreath - make your own fabric hearts from scraps or use bought hearts and sew together to make this pretty wreath


A few good gems

Via Pinterest, where the link to the original is broken. Anyone know where this came from?

Anna Knights - contemporary botanical paintings - botanical art - original watercolours - flower paintings - fruit paintings - vegetable paintings - limited edition giclee prints - greetings cards


'Always And Forever' Elephants Wedding Gift Artwork

Original Ellys Personalised Wedding Gift Art from

Wired typography is quite unique and interesting as it is different from usual typefaces, I particularly like the amount of work gone into the construction of each letter. The level of detail is magnificent and adds depth to each letter.