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Detroit Riprap: Abandoned Cars as Erosion Control appreciated by Motorheads Performance www.classiccarssanantonio.com

"Erosion Control" -- [Decay of Antique Cars as seen along the bank of the *Big Horn River in Montana*]~[Photograph by - June 17

This work, Paradise Parking, offers ‘a poetic look at the relationship between the creations of man and mother nature’

Photos of abandoned cars overrun by nature

“Paradise Parking” is a stunning photo series of antique cars that have been left to slowly decay in nature. The series is by photographer Peter Lippmann. “Paradise Parking” will be on display at an upcoming show in Brussels by Gallery SophieMarie.

Photos from an abandoned car graveyard in Belgium. Urban legends say that the cars were left behind by U.S. soldiers following WWII who never returned to claim them.

Belgian Forest Traffic Jam: You Have to See These Creepy Photos

Left in the woods of Belgium at the end of WWII -- chatillon car graveyard abandoned cars cemetery belgium 4 Photos of a traffic jam stuck in the woods for 70 years

The Forgotten Trams of Sydney, Australia

The Forgotten Trams of Sydney, Australia

Rozelle Tram Depot in Sydney is a historic building containing six abandoned trams and streetcars, graffitied and resembling modern urban art

An almost endless supply of haunting pictures of abandoned malls...

Completely Surreal Photos Of America's Abandoned Malls

Completely Surreal Photos Of America's Abandoned Malls. Hawthorne Plaza Mall: Hawthorne, California or Expansive shower room ?

Since 2001 the Mass Transit Authority of New York has been participating in a program that retires old subway cars and dumps them along the eastern seaboard to create artificial reefs. Known as Redbird Reef, the cars are stripped of floating materials and then cleaned before they’re dropped into the ocean from barges.  Probably to keep the bums from pissing it them!  :)

Awesome Abandoned Places Around the World Occupied by Animals

In NYC, Redbird Reef is an artificial reef made of cleaned, sunken subway cars!