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The "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Cast Have Taken The Ultimate Reunion Selfie

Shatners not from TNG - excerpt for ONE movie!!!!! And Spiner has been signed for the new Independence Day movie due out in I thought his character died in the first one? And who is the fellow at back right? I don't recognise him from TNG?

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend During "Star Trek" Cast Photo Op

Man Proposes To Girlfriend During "Star Trek" Cast Photo Op - This is perfect. Patrick Stewart all "Mortals are so cute." Jonathan Frakes is thinking of the camera angle he would use if he were directing this. Marina and Gates are all "YES NERDS". Brent and Michael are about to make dumb jokes. Levar knows he got cut out of the picture. And Will is all "OMG HE WENT TO JARED'S!!!"

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Garrett Wang (王 以 瞻) on

Star Trek Voyager's Garrett Wang with Continuum's Lexa Doig at WLFCC - Oct. 6, 2013 (via @GarrettRWang on Twitter)