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Nicholas Millioti (Nicolai Dmitrievich Milioti), Portrait of Boniface

Rocket ship-There's a big box at the bottom, use the top flaps to make it taper in to another smaller box on top. Duct tape the edges together inside & out to reinforce it. Add some fins & a 4-sized pyramid at the top. Cut some holes for windows & a door.

Queen Elizabeth I (she was one of the most painted of all the queens, & Elizabeth II is the most photographed)

Roerich Paintings | title ecstasy artist nicholas roerich country of origin russia date of ...

Romanov 300th Egg, 1913.This egg was made to commemorate it.The gold egg is faced with white transparent enamel on a guilloche background.It's covered with 1100 diamonds & gold state symbols:double-headed eagles, royal crowns, wreathes & 18 miniatures, framed with diamonds, of the Tsars of Romanov's house. These are painted in watercolor on ivory by Vassily I. At the top of the egg sits a diamond with 1613 & 1913 engraved under it & at the bottom a triangular diamond covering the monogram…

Flying the flag for Scorpio :-) xx

The Emperor Nicholas II gave this Egg to his wife, the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna for Easter 1903 Its body of varicoloured gold. The body of the Egg is rich in symbolism. In Russia roses and laurel leaves represent triumph and pride. The bulrushes shown in our image to the left and right of the portrait are there to symbolise the marshy land upon which Peter the Great built the city that bears his name. While the portrait of Nicholas II appears on one side of the Egg, Peter the Great’s…

The Clover Leaf Egg, gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, 1902. Presented by Nicholas II to Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna. The Kremlin Armoury Museum, Moscow.

Greater Coat of Arms of His Imperial Highness the Tsarevich Alexis, son of Tsar Nicholas II, May 10, 1905.