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☆The more you know☆ <<<<The actual difference is that it has real cane sugar ☆the more you know☆

and Krum never does anything with his so the next time he visits he gives his to Charlie and Cedric's parents get old and they've held on to this lil' dragon for years bet they cant care for it at saint mungo's so they give it to Charlie!!!!

OMG YES! "Dammit wrong door. SHIT, WHAT DO I DO? Okay, calm down Jim, think. Dramatic entrance. Now..wait for the right moment...3,2 and...1! Sorry boys, I'm soooo changeable! It is a weakness of mine (dude don't make them think your weak!) ...but to be fair it is my only weakness!"-slik Jim, slik! *spider drops off web and makes it look like a graceful leap*

Harry Potter meets The Maze Runner XD This is just perfect! And I'm pretty sure every TMR fan is like that now XD

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