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Last week we had the chance to discover this spanish beauty products brand: Comodynes! Qui l'a jamais essayé? -

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27 Times 5 Seconds Of Summer Were All Your Squad Goals

Happy 4th bandbirthday 5sos! Two long years together it's been for us. You guys help me through so much, and still are. Your music is amazing beyond words. I'm proud to say, you guys made it. Keep it up! - @Betsy Strayer

Gilmore Girls - I absolutely LOVE this scene with Richard and Lorelei!

Aww whoever wrote that > just be yourself I always have been and always will regardless of what society thinks! Wow, I feel like this is me. We're all stuck following the rules of social culture and we can't be who we really want to be. I have a gothic mindset and I'd much rather dress goth or emo, but society says it's wrong to do so and so I'm stuck playing the part of the good, normal little girl.

If you don't have this pic of Luke in your 5sos board I'm judging you>>> OH MY GOSH WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS.<<<Me when I see a spider lmao

awww... XD #Kdrama Seo In Guk and Eunji in Reply 1997.. i really miss this

Gonna make an Blue and Emerald Green ombre with my ends X3 can't sait

ca. 1905, “The Dance”, Gertrude Käsebier via the National Media Museum, Royal Photographic Society

Yesterday at the #goodgirl launch by Carolina Herrera! ##goodgirlmorocco #goodtobebad #theverynormalgirls -

hey 5sos fam! im having a follow spree so everyone who follows me in the next 2 days will get a follow back!