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Yesterday, September was Supernatural Day. In case you aren't sure what that is, it was a day that the fandom would celebrate.

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Misha Collins: Can you settle a bet for me? Who's got a prettier mouth, me or alainahuffman?

Supernatural ruins everything

Thank you Supernatural.For Now Making me Think Falling Stars Are Falling Angels

Supernatural ~ Dean and Sam Winchester till infinity and forever. I love my boys and I will stick with them no matter what they do.

New details have emerged regarding the streaming deal the CW has with Netflix, which will bring recent TV seasons to Netflix much sooner than before.

Supergirl and The Flash team-up for the dawn of inspiring superheroes: The A. Club gives last night's episode an A-


They're gonna be the death of me.---psh they have already killed me inside many of times.


The Different Variations Of "Supernatural’s" Castiel. Everyone’s favorite angel has many sides, and they are all attractive.

The Closest thing we got to this was season 6 The Man Who Would Be King !

Castiel: Angel of the Lord the movie. I could be about his life BEFORE the Winchesters! I would watch it!

The Flash's Zoom to Resurface as Black Flash, on Multiple CW Shows

The Flash's Zoom to Resurface as Black Flash, on Multiple CW Shows