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This photo reminds me of when our cat's butt exploded after he had an infection from another cat's bites. After the Vet shaved him, his wounds and tail made his butt look like an elephant. by Mopar Mo

Fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) -- (Captive bred) -- The Fishing Cat is the 2nd smallest of the Wild cats. They have undergone a serious and significant population decline throughout their range in South and Southeast Asia. (Photographer Terry Whittaker)

Summer leg prep!! 5 Stars. Anyone looking to pamper themselves should try this. The oil and sugar help exfoliate your legs for a deep clean and silky smooth feeling. It even helps to get rid of the unsightly red bumps I sometimes get on my thighs!

Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith at home with their pet lion

Hollywood legend Tippi Hedren at her cosy California home with her daughter Melanie Griffith. Oh, and it that a pet lion? /// More on

This is Brownpine. He came form shadowclan his mate is Foxplet but she died and he doesn't talk much but wishes for his son to get over it. He is nice and tries to be as fair as he can.

Sugar waxing

Heeey ladies, I thought I would share my secret in saving the big bucks and multiple costly trips to the salon for hair removal. It costs an arm and leg to feel and look good for yourself or your s...

Tigger and Christopher Robin all grown up...;( this makes me want to cry...whhy am I so sentimental over this?