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Asi nos gusta ver a John y a Paul - Taringa!

Asi nos gusta ver a John y a Paul

The Beatles

The Beatles featuring Paul McCartney George Harrison John Lennon and Ringo Starr

Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and John Lennon. Paul's face!! by pearlie

The Beatles recording the Hello, Goodbye promo films at the Saville Theatre, London on November,

Paul and John

Despite the mythology around the idea of the lone genius, the famous partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney demonstrates the brilliance of creative pairs.

Asi nos gusta ver a John y a Paul

Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon. John's Rickenbaker with Dog Bone Bridge

The Beatles were constantly photographed by professionals and obsessive fans alike, but they liked to take their own snapshots, too. Especially drummer Ringo Starr loved taking photos. "It was just incredible, the amount of material I’ve found, which is now safe," says Starr in the introduction of his book “Photogaphy”. #1960 #beatles

These 18 photos taken by Ringo Starr show how The Beatles liked to chill and cut up behind the scenes

Who better to give a glimpse behind Beatle-mania than an actual Beatle?

John and paulie

John and paulie