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According to Sushila Devi Mosese the good deeds done by us do not only take care of the material needs of the people who are in such a need but it makes them feel good about the world and humanity in general as well.

[Infographic] 3 Easy Steps To Powerfully Connect To The Universe

[Infographic] 3 Easy Steps To Powerfully Connect To The Universe

This is very important. Too long have girls been put down and told they aren't worth as much, and left with little self confidence. Confidence should be built up not broken down, self worth should be immeasurable in all eyes. And it is crucial that girls themselves know this

"Talk to your inner being about what you want & why you want it. And let your inner being offer to you in your dream state that you can flow energy toward which will cause your vibrational state to be as you want it to be. And then the law of attraction will bring it to you." ~Abraham Hicks