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Many shows started the day as series and ended it as canceled.

George Lucas and David Tennant win their first Emmys for "Star Wars The Clone Wars."

It's time for the Grifters to unite to pull The Save Leverage Job.

The Sopranos star, James Gandolfini, dies suddenly at the age of 51.

The TV Reaper reports that Celebrity Deathmatch has risen from its grave and will be returning to MTV2.

Contestants need correct answers and solutions to find the "Exit" on Syfy show

The music of "Doctor Who," led by a conductor using a Sonic Baton, lots of monsters, and The Doctor and Clara...must be BBC Proms time again!

Jean Stapleton, Edith Bunker on "All in the Family," has died at the age of 90

British fans are upset that the 50th Anniversary trailer shown at Comic Con is not being shown in the UK. That is a two way street as they have exclusives that are not available on this side of the pond!