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‘Roots,’ Remade for a New Era - 2016

In the whole world changed as Americans tuned in to see their countries, their neighbors and themselves in a way they had never seen before. Before Years a Slave,” “Amis…

Hero's journey. Radically true to the history (down to the language the characters speak)

Mel Gibson defends Gary Oldman over his infamous Playboy interview

Apocalypto Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernández) As the Mayan kingdom faces its decline, the rulers insist the key to prosperity is to build more temples and offer human sacrifices. Jaguar Paw, a young man captured for sacrifice, flees to avoid his fate.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) ~ Minimal Movie Poster by Baydle Creative #amusementphile

Cultural anthropology interview essays Cultural anthropology research papers on essay about family Cultural Anthropology Ethnography Essay Ethnographic Essay Topics/Sample Papers Sample interview essay.

"Yikes, a doberman pincher, don't let him pinch me!" funniest line ever

OMG this is absolutely the funniest thing under the Sun. Old but well worth to watch if you can get your hands on it:) - A furry alien wiseguy comes to live with a terran family after crashing into their garage.

The Nanny Diaries - Rotten Tomatoes

The Nanny Diaries

2007 - Diario de una niñera (The Nanny Diaries) - Robert Pulcini, Shari Springer Berman