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Is truth. Finally being happy, I don't want anyone with negative soul to enter into my happy bubble!

don't confuse my love and help out I offer as being clingy or smothering. I don't offer it to many people and if I do its because I care for you a lot.

Your work isn't to change who you are; it's to find people who are able to give you the connection you need. And with or without anyone's acknowledgement or affection, you are enough.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective. As a sensitive person, I view empathy and sensitivity as the glue that holds together my relationships. This sensitivity can be viewed as a strength rather than a weakness.

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths.

Positief denken

Thinking positively isn’t about expecting the best to happen every time, but accepting that whatever happens is the best for this moment.

Don’t let expectations (especially other people’s expectations) get in your way. Truth be told, the unexpected is often better than the expected. Our entire lives can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s OK. -- read: http://www.marcandangel.com/2015/04/20/10-things-you-must-give-up-to-get-yourself-back-on-track/

need to remember this.don't make simple things more complicated than they need to be. let simple things be simple.

Foto: " Seja sempre a mulher que um homem precisa, não a mulher que precisa de um homem." - Sejam felizes independente de ter um homem ao seu lado, tenha projetos de vida, objetivos somente seus e que lhe façam ter vontade de viver. Desta forma vocês terão homens que vão se encantar por vocês. Beijos amores! ✨ Always be happy independently of having a man at your side, have life projects, your own goals and that make you to have the will for living. This way there will have men who will be…

this kind of woman. I want a man; I don't 'need' a man, but I do want a man my soul needs.