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'Skullgirls' is coming to mobile with a role-playing twist

Skullgirls was one of the first indie fighting games made for and by lifelong fans of the genre. Lead design designer Mike Z is an EVO winning Blazblue player, and animation director Mariel Cartwright has been studying the artwork of ...

YouTube redesigns its mobile apps with improved recommendations

YouTube brings a new homepage with improved recommendations to its iOS and Android apps - Lightify: Bright Ideas For the Future  Next time you open up the YouTube app on your iOS or Android phone, you’ll be greeted by a new homepage experience. YouTu

Nintendo's next two mobile games will be free-to-play

Nintendo's next two games for smartphones will be released for free on Android and iOS, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The gaming company announced last month that its next two...

John Oliver explains why Apple needs encryption to stay a step ahead of hackers

John Oliver Explains The Importance Of Encryption 60 diggs Late Night Entertainment Law Technology As the legal battle between Apple and the FBI escalates John Oliver wades into the debate over digital privacy versus the interests of law enforcement.

Korg announces microKorg-S with more sounds and user presets

The microKorg has a pretty significant following thanks to its relatively easy-to-use interface and low price point. Today Korg announced the microKorg-S a companion to the nearly 15 year old...

'Vampyr' and the gender politics of 1918 London

Vampyr, the next game from Dontnod Entertainment features a white, male protagonist. For any other studio, this is de rigueur, something dictated by the gaming...