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As onomatopeias em outros países ~ Ovelhas Voadoras

Kissing, Barking, Snoring and other Things Sound in Different Languages. James Chapman is a young Manchester-based physicist and designer who makes witty p


25 Sounds In Different Languages. #22 Is Priceless

Só no blog de humor Não Intendo você se diverte com os vídeos, tirinhas e gifs mais engraçados da Internet. ;)

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What Noises Do Animals Make In Other Languages? Here Is An Important Guide

Interpretation of The Different Noises Animals Make In Other Languages By Illustrator James Chapman 6

Mooning | 13 Movies Made Much Funnier By Adding "-Ing" To The Title


13 Movies Made Much Funnier By Adding Ing

How Do Germs Spread?  Know the status of your health today! Get back on your healthy track! Free Health Assessment is waiting you!  http://www.wellsome.com/health-and-wellness/free-health-assessment/  #wellsome #jemalee #wellness

How do germs spread? This infographic details how germs are spread, from touching pets to improperly washed glasses.