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from The Huffington Post

Muslim And Hispanic Students In Kansas Allegedly Beaten By Man Yelling 'Trump, Trump, Trump!'

Muslim And Hispanic Students In Kansas Allegedly Beat By Man Yelling 'Trump, Trump, Trump!'

from The Huffington Post

In Trump's World, Women Have Always Been Objects

Candidate Donald Trump will be joined by his wife Melania for the last rally of the day in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The event takes place at the Milwaukee Theater and begins at CDT / EDT. Live Stream Link - Alternate Live Stream - Alternate Live Stream

How "The Donald" is like that unrelenting creep on a dating site, and what he's offering men in America.

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Donald Trump Just Exposed Paul Ryan As America's Most Overrated Politician

from Washington Post

No one ‘has to like’ Donald Trump

Make America Racist Again, vote for the bigot.~~~Actually, that should read "more racist" as we still have a ways to go! This jerk certainly isn't helping matters any!!! How could this jackass draw people in Dallas?! What stupid people live here!!!