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"Life is a Smorgasbord" classroom door with paper food. Bucket list ideas are written around the plates of food. Other plates have life quotes.

The Birthday Bucket: Birthday Pencil Toppers & Birthday Certificates

Teachers...Ever forget a students birthday?Create a Birthday Bucket so you can prevent this for the upcoming school year! Easy classroom birthday gift for students from teachers. Pencil toppers & birthday certificates included.

"Tina, we salute you" in Dalston, London is an amazing name for a café. And fortunately the food is great too:

Over the years, I have encountered several different variations of this activities. I think they all have merits, so look for me to share a...

Feed the Reindeer Relay - the kids on the scooters collect the reindeer food (if you haven't got these then the children could use the crab walk instead) and give it to the throwers (who are standing in a hula hoop). The throwers toss the food into the bucket. So groups of three kids for this game.