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Bucktons Moulting Mix Pigeon Feed 20kg Bucktons Moulting Mix is a high protein feed that greatly aids feather regeneration by containing the required nutrition for plumage development.

Spanish arroz con guandules. Ingredients Oil -3 tablespoonfuls tomatosauce 3- tablespoonfuls Sazon packets -3 milder use two. Half of a can of guandules (pigeon peas). Home made sofrito. ( if you use store bought) add some onion powder garlic pwder and fresh cilantro. Mix and simmer till it cooks together. Add rice for this amount add 3 cups. Mix into mixture and then begin adding water one cup at time. One cup for every cup. It really depends on how you like your rice. I used and…

Versele Laga Traditional Best All Round Mix Pigeon Food 20kg Versele Laga Traditional Best All Round Mix is a bestseller Specially formulated to ensure that your pigeon's nutritional requirements are met.

Versele Laga Show Highflyers Tumblers Special Mix Pigeon Food 20kg Versele Laga Show Highflyers Tumblers Special Mix is a high-quality mixture with which has been specially developed for highflyers and tumblers.

Versele Laga Colombine All-In-One Pigeon Food 4kg Versele Laga Colombine All-In-One the most complete mineral mix Both vitamins and minerals are essential to promote optimal metabolic function in pigeons and they also play an important part in supporting muscles and bones.

Versele Laga Traditional Red Breeding Subliem Pigeon Food 25kg Versele Laga Traditional Red Breeding Subliem is a complete breeding mix to feed your pigeons to help ensure that you get a good yield from our birds.

Bucktons Pigeon Breeding Mix Pigeon Food 20kg Bucktons Pigeon Breeding Mix is made using only the very best ingredients sourced from reputable growers, are incorporated within Bucktons products.

Johnston Jeff Tares Complete Pigeon Food 20kg Johnston Jeff Tares Pigeon is a complete pigeon feed Product does not display actually product mix.

Click on below links for individual recipes. Mysore rasam – Pigeon pea lentil or toor dal cooked with tomatoes and freshly ground spice mix. Our family favourite and DD’s soul food Zucchini palya – Juicy tender zucchini cooked with spices Beans palya – Beans cooked with mild spices and finished off with loads of coconut …