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Chiacchiere in Musica (Music Chatter). What a lovely video! Watch this 4 month old respond to being sung to: he gurgles, laughs, smiles and joins in with his own "singing". THIS is the beginning of all music. Singing with infants is the most important thing you can do to develop any child's love of music. Whether you are a parent or caregiver: sing, sing, sing! It doesn't matter if you don't sing well, it matters only that you sing! Pinned by Alec Duncan of

"Will singing to children make them smarter?" "A local music therapist and special educator explains why parents should sing to their children, the benefits of singing for your child's learning and development, and how even "non-musical" parents can easily create and sing fun songs that their children will respond to." Shame about the crappy "baby in headphones" image - singing is only meaningful to infants when it's a real person doing the singing.

Age: Infant. Activity: Singing to your baby. Area of Development: Social. Instructions: Go into a comfy, calm area and sing to your baby. Supplies: None. How it's DAP: Singing to your baby helps create a bond which helps with social development. It also helps your baby trust you.

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A Case for Singing to Your Child

A Case for Singing to Your Child: A clinical trial of a music therapy program showed how lullabies, sung by parents, help premature infants.