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Sunday Supper: Ancient nuts add texture to salad

Walnuts have been eaten around the world for thousands of years

Sunday Supper: Bean salad embraces flavor of Tuscany

Delicious Italian dishes are known for creative simplicity

Yeah, those are lentils. Check out the recipe for this tasty lemony-lentil salad

Sunday Supper: Lentils one of planet's healthiest foods

Eggs in wine sauce. We can't make this stuff up. Check out the recipe.

Sunday Supper: Eggs in wine sauce stretches outside the norm

Sunday Supper: Americanizing ancient eggplant

Ancient vegetable is popular in other countries, but still under-used in the U.

Fruit? Vegetable? Does it really matter? Get ideas for the tomato.

Sunday Supper: Red fruit with vegetable traits is ripe and ready

SCONES! Add some yummy goodness to your afternoon tea with this recipe.

Sunday Supper: Scones Are Ideal For Those Who Scorn Baking

Sunday Supper: Agave offers a sweet option in recipes

The same plant that gives us tequila also provides an alternative to sugar

Lou Gerber's Sunday Dinner: Chilled Vichyssoise is part of a comparatively new generation in the family of soup that has a history as old as cooking itself.

Potato soup served cold is the perfect thing to serve on a hot day

Shrimp and Chicken N'Orleans. Don't forget the hot sauce!

Sunday Supper: Heat is on and not overpowering