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Great idea! Kind of like a time capsule

Early Graduation Gift For Baby ~ Do it at the end of each school year starting with kindergarten. Or do one for graduation and one for when they turn Great gift idea!

Better than kids getting paid for regular chores.  Without forcing them to do it, whichever kid wants the money will do it.

Chore System for the Kids, Customizable Chore Chart, and my favorite idea - Work for Hire. Great way for kids to earn a little extra money doing the chores that I don't like doing myself.

I will teach my children these simple things xx

I love this. Good things to remember for everyone, not just children. Hold the Door: Lessons for My Kids

Quarters for the month. Take one away each day chores are not done. At the end of the month, exchange any quarters for dollars.

Quarters for the month: Bed Making

I love this - Neat rewards system. 31 quarters in the jar at the beginning of the month, every day that they do not do their chores, they lose a quarter. Whatever is left at the end of the month they exchange for cash and the quarter jar is refilled.

YUP, this is posted on our cabinet in the kitchen. When anyone says the "B" word, even the little ones are asking if they have answered the B.O.R.E.D. questions :)

bored board When I first read this, I thought what a great idea for kids. Then God said "good idea for you." I need to work on this idea!

Here's one way parents could teach their kids how to do household chores and be responsible. We think they would also learn the value of money with this system. What do you think?

Kids Chore Chart System

In addition to "regular chores" that are not paid-Chore chart idea for older kids.and if they take the money without doing the chore? they have to do all the chores for no money.

A great list of age-appropriate chores for children. Help raise independent and competent children!

A list of age-appropriate chores for children

This is a very basic list of age-appropriate chores for children. Add your own that is best suited to your little one(s)! Help raise independent and competent children!

Some moms are awesome.

A mother saved all the things she found in her son's pockets when doing the laundry. She gave him this lamp with all things found as a wedding gift ~ such an AWESOME idea! (my son would need a much bigger lamp!

I can't believe this mom did all this! Amazing and all the prep work is already done for you! Disney movie night ideas... Menu ideas to go with each movie.

Disney movie night ideas for the kids. Menu ideas to go with each movie. Great idea for a crazy Disney movie lover like me to do with my future kids!