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The Imagination Tree: Spring Foam Window Murals. just "paint" water on to the window to make them stick!

I found a huge, felt-backed board that was part of a Bible visual aid set and got it out for the girls to make some shape pictures and patterns on. I cut out some simple shapes of varying sizes from felt sheets (I got a pack of 100 from eBay for about £8 a little...Read More »

Giant Felt Shape Pictures

Here is a collection of baby play ideas and activities for 6 to 18 month olds to inspire curiosity, problem solving and good old fashioned play times.

30 Amazing Activities to Keep your 1 Year Baby Busy 26

30 Amazing Activities for 1 Year Olds to Keep Them Busy

Sensory Boxes for Babies and Toddlers - What to do with a cardboard Box. This ribbon box looks like so much fun!

Textured Balls - www.mamashappyhive.com

7 Montessori Inspired Activities for Toddlers - Week 2

Easy to make, 2 ingredient paint - safe for tiny tots- FUN for kids of all ages! (adults included)

Easy to make, 2 ingredient paint - safe for tiny tots- FUN for kids of all ages! (adults included) Koolaid and potato flakes and water!

Activities for toddler

The Ultimate Guide to Hands On Toddler Activities - Brittany Estes--- This could also work for pre-math skills. Which shape has more or less? I would put on magnets on the back and have a magnetic work space for them to do this activity!

5 Simple Activities for Young Toddlers - Dirt and Boogers

5 Simple Activities for Young Toddlers

Baby play ideas and taste safe play date activities for babies and toddlers who want to taste EVERYTHING. Messy and non-messy sensory play ideas!

Face your child and stand 2 or 3 feet away from him. Place right foot on the inside of left leg, then hold his hands. Tell your child to place his left foot on the inside of his right leg. Bend standing knee and lightly jump in place; switch legs and repeat for 10 to 30 seconds.

Yoga for Better Behavior

8 itty bitty yoga poses to help kids calm from tantrums, burn energy, and sleep better.-- the boys love doing yoga with me