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DIY Lava lamp! The basic idea is this: you mix 3 parts oil with one part water and ten or so drops of food coloring in a container with a tight fitting lid.

“Rob, Connor, John, and Chris are the 'God Four' crew of the famed varsity boat at the Fenton Prep School. These four, along with their coxswain, Ruth, form a tight group with one common goal - to defeat their strongest rival, the Warwick School. This beautifully written novel explores the camaraderie, competition, joy, sorrow and unbelievable guilt that follow this crew team from their youth to adulthood. A compelling read with a poignant message.” Beverly Bartczak, The Fine Print…

How to Build a Cardboard Boat - we're going to adapt this for an Olympic themed fancy dress costume - Coxless Pairs!

Leonid Afremov, oil on canvas, palette knife - I love this piece of artwork, the way it depicts a rainy, cold night contrasted with the warmth of the lamp lights and a single figure surrounded by ripples and reflections of light. Its a calm place, you'd feel at ease here. And yet you could imagine this scene without the warm lights, the mood would be very different, possibly a sense of paranoia. (Leonid Afrenov, 2014)

Miss Britain III Speed Boat

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