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In the high concept thriller THE STRAIN, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team, and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak in New York City. SET DECOR talked with the unassuming, Peter Nicolakakos SDSA, who often goes by the more easily pronounced “Peter Nick”. The conversation is wide-ranging and detailed, witty and real...television decor - Set Decorators Society of America

“Maybe all one can do is to end up with the right regrets...” —Playwright Arthur Miller, as quoted on SMASH Before the final curtain call for the television series SMASH, SET DECOR talked with Set Decorator Jacqueline-Jacobson Scarfo SDSA re: the grand stage sets she, Production Designer Ruth Ammon and their teams created for the portrayal of the staging on Broadway of two original musicals, the Marilyn Monroe bio BOMBSHELL and the contemporary romantic tragedy HIT LIST.

Hypatia's Study - Hypatia [Rachel Weisz] - Noted mathematician, astronomer & philosopher Photo by Teresa Isasi ©Newmarket Films 2010. All rights reserved.

Oklahoma City Districts

Made from high quality stone to protect your furniture from hot or cold beverages, while adding style and pizzazz to any room. Created on tumbled traverti

Never built New York: the city that might have been – in pictures

Gilbert’s elevated railway, 1870

SEVENTH SON “In addition to the natural beauty of the locations, the film truly shines with Production Designer Dante Ferretti’s extraordinary sets, some of the largest ever built in Vancouver. To realize his vision, Ferretti relied upon a dream team consisting of Set Decorator Elizabeth Wilcox [SDSA], Supervising Art Director Grant Van Der Slagt, Art Directors Michael Diner and Ross Dempster, Construction Coordinator Doug Hardwick and all their crews.”