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This concept art really scared me because it looks like the ball in the middle is going to envelope the world that is in. It would be cool if the ball inside the structure creative mode zombies and continuously did so until the world was destroyed in game logic until the heroes anti Heroes saved the day.

sand... ....sculpting. These images concentrate on the enormous amount of detail that has gone into these creations. The artists patients and attention to detail left the viewers in awe.

from Mail Online


Leapfrog: Jabba, pictured at the bottom of the frog stack, appears to be giving a lift to friends Freddo and Kermit

Gecko on the Rock 2 - Artwork - National Art & Craft Directory

from Spiderwick Chronicles Wiki


Formidable predators, dragons(also known as wyrms and drakes) are massive in size with fearsome teeth, deadly breath, vicious claws, and hides like stone. Dragons generally make their home in caves and mountains, far from humankind, but when they come close to people, their huge appetite is generally a source of conflict.

Gecko on Rock .........we have so many LIVE geckos, think it would be cool to make a mosaic one too!

not so subtle nod to "like roses in his hands, death blooms"

Hibiscus or Cotton Harlequin Bugs - Tectocoris diophthalmus The Cotton Harlequin Bug, Tectocoris diophthalmus (Hemiptera - Scutelleridae), is a large, brightly colored member of the Australian jewel...

Henry Moore, "The Artist’s Hands", 1974, page from Red Notebook 1969-77, carbon line, charcoal, coloured crayon, chinagraph, ballpoint pen on off-white medium weight wove