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Items similar to Circe - Tone Poem - on Etsy

Imagination of this artist will blow your mind - see the most exciting landscapes

Turkish artist Hüseyin Şahin is a true photo editing master. Using Photoshop, he doesn’t just blend images together, he creates true masterpieces that take you to a surreal world. You can fol…

The most awesome images on the Internet

Sword Art Online, Asuna Kirito, official art Find More Beautiful Wedding Dress…

What Animal Are You Most Like?

Are you most like a mythical creature or a real animal? Personally, I think I'm a Griffin, but the quiz said dolphin so, whateves!

18 Tal Peleg Art of Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup - Do you think that makeup is boring? If yes, I guess that you’ll change your mind right now. Tal Peleg is an Israeli artist, who transformed makeup in real art. Words are useless… Just enjoy.Source from VK - Health & Beauty, Makeup, Eyes

A Month in Color - My Watercolor Planner

I've decided to evolve my planning process with the challenge A Month in Color. Stick around for daily videos of my watercolor planner!

Random Acts of Brilliant Vandalism

The mind...even though we may not have the best of future or promise, the mind is amazingly creative

Print to Painting: Real Art on a Poster Budget

Print to Painting: Real Art on a Poster Budget. How to make it without being an artist. Make a print on canvas look like a real painting with gel medium

25 Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves

33 Mind-Bending Paintings That Will Boost Your Creativity ron gonsalves wonderful art inspiraton boost contemporary canadian artist