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Woolly Blue Curls from Gamble Garden's California native section.

Border with Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy', achillea, helenium and lobelia. Poppy Cottage Garden, Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall, UK

Wildflowers along the coast, Pacific Grove, California by Lynel Moore

The local "fairy lantern" or globe lily is the white flowered Calochortus albus. This delicate flower is found in the coast ranges and the Sierran foothills. In some areas the flowers have a pinkish tinge. Find this plant abundant in mid spring in the Monterey Peninsula.

Costa's Hummingbird and Orchids | Gail Melville Shumway Photography.He looks like he has a purple chain mail helmet on!

Calla Lilies - Garrapata State park - Carmel - California - USA

Explore the things to do in San Francisco One of the major cities in #California, #San_Francisco steals hearts with its scenic beauty, cultural #attractions, Victorian architecture and happening art scene. This energetic city by bay area is stunningly situated on a #peninsula.

♥ is not it amazing 'creature'? A rare and endangered species that grows only on Ring Mountain in Tiburon., CA, USA

Century plant (Parry's agave), Agave parryi, Cedros Island, Baja California, Mexico

South Coast Botanic Garden Palos Verdes Peninsula California Wedding Venues 6