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Close up of Brazilian hillside Favelas, which are a common sight throughout Brazil's major cities, are home to millions of urban poor and rural migrants who leave the countryside seeking jobs. Many of the slums are plagued by violence linked to drug trafficking.

Brasilia - Favela ((... The original favela was built on the Morro do Castelo in Rio de Janeiro by the families of soldiers returning from the Canudos Campaign.[3] The term favela was coined in the late 1800s.[4] At the time, 20,000 veteran soldiers were brought from the conflict against the settlers of Canudos, in the Eastern province of Bahia, to Rio de Janeiro and left with no place to live. ... Wiki))

How cool is Google’s new Street Art Project? The project aims to preserve street art around the world.

Colorful slums of Sao Paulo, Brazil create a seemingly picturesque composition of the quickly adapting society.

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