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Cartier, Hermes, chanel and Tiffany&Co. Fashion Pills: an immediate relief for logo addiction symptoms - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.

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Love Pills Mar 2014 Your idol doesn't love you? One pill and you're in love.

I hate Drugs and am saddened by the grip they have on so many!  Makes me want to scream!!

Ruining our society, lives and families for a stupid buzz all the junkies should be locked up and forced into rehab!

This is very unusual Soap. The "Chill Pill" Soap, Handmade.

Soap - Gift Set - TAke a Chill Pill - RX Pill Soap Gift Set - Goat's Milk Soap - Blood Orange Scented - Mothers day - Fathers day

Sensual Photographs Reveal Our Addiction To Luxury Brands - DesignTAXI.com

Project : "Designer Drugs" Photography : Steve Kraitt Model : Echo Nittolitto Make up : Michelle Court

#SparkleAllDay #ShineAllNight #Glitter

this would be what they call the "happy pill". glitter and animal print.