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Italian Plum Upside Down Cake by Bakingdom Wonderful with a little drizzle of heavy cream or half and half.

Plastic bath math with suction cups and marbles! Fine motor fun!

The Kiss Of Life by Rocco Morabito, 1968 Pulitzer Prize. Showed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation between two workers on a utility pole. Randall G.Champion was unconscious and hanging upside down after contacting a high voltage line; fellow lineman J.D. Thompson revived him while strapped to the pole by the waist. Champion survived and lived until 2002, when he died of heart failure at the age of 64; Thompson is still living. The photograph was published in newspapers around the world.

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Dark Wedding Cakes 22 Wedding Cakes for Dark, Modern Color Palettes. A Three-Tier Wedding Cake Covered in Chocolate Shavings. Los Angeles-based The Butter End Cakery whipped up Kaley Cuoco's show-stopping, upside-down wedding cake—it hung from a chandelier!—as well as this chocolate shaving-covered, three-tiered wedding cake. It looks like a giant chocolate truffle, and that's just the way we like it.See more square wedding cakes.

Upside-Down House in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada - Built by Marek Cyran and Adam Nielbvowicz in 2012.

Dream Worlds Revealed on Canvas:

We are so terrified as a fandom right now because our Supernatural world has been turned upside down by the writers. We have known Dean as the one to do the right thing, but now, as Jensen says, his moral compass is gone. He's killing people without a thought, becoming so dark. Sam usually looked up to his big brother, but now he keeps things "strictly business." Now, everything about these boys is completely backwards and we are terrified. Oh, and by the way, where the f-ck is Cas?! #SPN

Jungle gym - how many broken arms from this thing? And red lines on the back of our legs from hanging off the hot metal bars!

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You've Totally Been Making Banana Bread The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

You’ve Totally Been Making Banana Bread The Wrong Way Your Entire Life