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Hello, darkness, my old friend  I've come to talk with you again.  Because a vision softly creeping  Left its seeds while I was sleeping.  And the vision that was planted in my brain, Still remains,  Within the sound of silence.....

Soft as silk, smooth as jazz a self-portrait picture by photographer Bogna Patrycja Altman. Related to: photos ,self-portrait ,monochrome ,Bogna Patrycja Altman


first of all, i love bike pictures. but i really pinned this photo because i love the edit.

Me ha dejado sin palabras

ATTEMPT AT TRANSLATION: my silence does not mean i agree with MJH.you, your level of stupid (your stupidity?) left me without words (i'm taking spanish 3 next semester)


Gracious and Passionate Fashion Photography

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7 Steps to Self-Development

“It is a ring that makes a marriage and it is from rings that chains are made.”  ― Friedrich Schiller

Romance - Hand-Holding - Couple - Love - Portrait - Photography - Black and White - Pose Idea / Inspiration

"How falsely a listener may construe what we say if he takes only our words. Our words are often halting and many times plainly not what we mean. In back of what we mean on the conscious level, there is almost always a deeper unconscious meaning that is at work." --Douglas Steere

My Father and My Son, 1969 by Raghu Rai. in black and white photography -I think this would be really cute with a baby and its dad

"Sunlit Feather" by STILphotography

Black and White Photography - Sunlit Feather - Fine Art Photography Wall by STILphotography