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This picture came out really well, the colors are so dark and ominous. It's always been one of my flagship pieces that truly transformed two completely different images into one cohesive whole. The main image is a black and white image of a man in a tunnel looking at the wall, the second image is a diver in a cave. I assembled them such that the visage of a face appears at the right.

This piece is pretty unique. It has an aggressive feel with a monster-looking figure seemingly attacking a US troop in Iraq. In actuality, I made mirrored photocopies of an Iraqi man with his arms passively raised being interrogated by a US troop. The final image completely turns the original substance of the picture on it's head... For the color, I simply used a green sheet of printer paper...

This collage is a combination of anatomy textbook images, and photos of contemporary architecture. Though the rigid lines shouldn't meld well with the soft angles of the person, the final composition just worked. When I put the final pieces together, I just stood back for a second and was like, yeah, that works.

This is a picture I made as a present for someone. Ultimately, it's about miscommunication. I wanted to make everything very boxy and segmented. I stepped out of my usual Comfort zone with this one and made something that was quite large, the original is roughly 20 x 17 inches or so, I usually work with 8 1/2 x 11... It has literally hundreds of different pieces and has half a dozen or more layers in certain parts...

Some of the pictures I made were kind of lazy. I got much more meticulous as time went on, making pieces that contained sometimes hundreds of components and dozens of layers. Here's a simple one I made with a close up from a 1950's horror movie poster, with the color taken from a close up in a fashion magazine. It's not one of my favorites, but oh well, they can't all be winners.