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Scott Robertson
Robot concept art by Takumer Homma
Manajik. Few know it exists. None alive know that it floats in mid-air. It has existed for thousands of years, constructed before the sea claimed the land around it. The craters (3 in all)  are the result of a cataclysmic magical accident. No one knows why the tower survived, or has the slightest idea where the water goes.
A little bit of quick sketching in photoshop lead to an idea I wanted to follow up with a modo model. Finished visual is a modo render ...
Mainstreet (East) by Gilles Tran
diogo+valle+bittar+hovertank+futuristic+future+battle+tank+concept+art+design+railgun+rail+gun+EMP+blaster+cannon+war+dsng+marvel+sci+fi+suv+video+game.jpg (1410×999)
1600x828_19056_MWO_army_vehicle_concept_art_9_2d_sci_fi_military_vehicle_apc_picture_image_digital_art.jpg (1600×828)
Commerical District, Nepture Level, Arima City.  [Cyberpunk artworks gallery - Page 29]
Fantastic Retrofuturistic Landscape Paintings by Simon Stålenhag
Annis Naeem Concept Art. We DEFINITELY need a model of this.