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Sometimes you have to do what's best for you and your Life, not what's best for everybody else.

Not a message about an ex for me but a friend. Whilst everybody else got tired of their bullshit routine, I stuck around. I've finally listened to people who have told me that I need to step away.

May this be the day you reach what seems impossible to everybody else, may this be the day that God allows you such grace.

My life has always been dictated by others views of myself rather than my own. It has been an impossible task to please everybody and I chipped away at the splendour of my own uniqueness. I no longer wish to be a prisoner, I want to learn to accept my own opinion of myself and to grow from this. I take back the power I gave to everyone else. Now is the time to love me and in essence, to become free. RH <3

U should try it:/ hahaha worry about ur damn self n ur kids please!!! Obviously ur too worried about us if u even know my kids have allergies! Once AGAIN making urself look worse :-) let ne guess u were at the concert last night?? Ur a creepy bitch...get a life n take care of ur kids Damn!!,all u do is STALK everyone and pin about me...im NOT flattered at all I'm creeped out jeepers creepers!!! Keep stalking b copying ur wasting ur time :-) God bless those poor babies:/

One of the biggest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that's trying to make you like everybody else. (Willy Anderson)

Every Day, you don't know how it feels, you have a easy life like everybody else, caring parents, everything you want, money, new clothes, when you want something you just ask and get it, not everybody has the money for that - Fairy Tail ~ DarksideAnime

I hope this is one thing I am able to teach my kids. Be an INDIVIDUAL don't worry about being like everybody else they are just jealous they are not as awesome and comfortable with their selves as you are simply being yourself all the time.

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