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Paul Mason on Sykes-Picot: how an arbitrary set of borders created the modern Middle East

4 Stages of Islamic Conquest:

4 Stages of Islamic Conquest ~ Civilus Defendus 4 ~ STAGE 1: INFILTRATION. STAGE 2: CONSOLIDATION OF POWER. STAGE 3: OPEN WAR w/ LEADERSHIP & CULTURE. STAGE 4: Totalitarian ISLAMIC “THEOCRACY.” Should you be concerned? YES! YES! YES!!

Ed Miliband: Panama Papers show that wealth doesn’t trickle down. It gets stashed

The real economic free-riders are the privileged, not the poorest citizens

Steel crisis: they do not give a shit

There’s a meme that keeps resurfacing in the genteel world of rightwing financial thought: that the term “neoliberalism” is in some way just a term of abuse, or a catch-all phrase invented by the…

“Today my ballot finally arrived. Here is why I voted for Jeremy Corbyn.”

Here is #teamjohn 4 point Steel Plan. Sounds amazing:- 1) Stabilise the industry and provide security for steelworkers Tata must allow time for a buyer to be found and agreement to be reached but if no new viable buyer is available in the short-term then nationalise to stabilise plants that face closure with the aim to place them on a secure foundation for the future. 2) Create a level playing field for steel The Tories must stop blocking EU initiatives to introduce tariffs on cheap imported…