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Hahaha what a clever name ;)

Funny Confession Ecard: So if a bra is called an over the shoulder boulder holder, what do they call men underwear? Under the butt nut hut?

Been there.

Free and Funny News Ecard: You know you're from the if you remember being disappointed when the CD's leaflet didn't have the lyrics to the songs. How else were you going to learn that damn line on track

Camping - i'm dying dying dying of laughter! - See mother! THIS is why i don' want to waste my money!

I love camping, but this made me laugh. Camping: Paying a bunch of money to pretend we're homeless.

Hope your 3weekend was filled with good #wine & great #friends!

"If I ever go missing, I want my picture on a wine bottle instead of a milk carton. This way, my friends will know I'm missing." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

And having a pos car with no ac doesn't constitute for having a car! Haha

you might have a car. You can do bad all by yourself, huh?you're doing bad, bitch.