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8-channel Remote control, geared with a RF Shield


Arduino Motor Shield Tutorial

Arduino Motor Shield Tutorial. All steps


Arduino BASIC Shield

Picture of Arduino BASIC Shield


Firework Control Module

A few years ago I came across a firework control module built by Instructables user: systemf92. His module was a great design (found here) and I knew that I would one day have to build something similar because it combined two things that I really enjoy: Electronics and Blowing Stuff Up on Independence Day. Well, a few years passed and I finally decided it was time to build one of my own. My module is Arduino powered for a few reasons. 1) I need to work on my programming skills. 2) I wanted ...

Make an Arduino bluetooth radio controlled car…


Custom Arduino MIDI Controller

Hello, and welcome to this instructable on how to build a custom, cheap and easy USB MIDI controller, based on Arduino. The best news: no hassle with USB-to-MIDI interfaces, or software tools like Hairless MIDI, just plug 'n' play!I included readable, basic code for both the Arduino Uno (or Mega) and the Leonardo (or Micro), and I created a MIDI controller library, for those not so comfortable with the programming language, or for those who just want a quick controller without having to writ...



DIY ARDUINO FLIGHT CONTROLLER - Looking for a 'Quadcopter'? Get your first quadcopter today. TOP Rated Quadcopters has Beginner, Racing, Aerial Photography, Auto Follow Quadcopters and FPV Goggles, plus video reviews and more. => <== #electronics #technology #quadcopters #drones #autofollowdrones #dronephotography #dronegear #racingdrones #beginnerdrones

PS3 RC - PS3 controller conversion to a wireless remote control for whatever using a custom board and an XBee wireless board. 1 Mile range!


Web control LED(D-duino)

RT @DIYEngineering: Web control LED(D-duino) - Control LED is always the first class to learn hardware like Arduino Raspberry PiB...