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komaedas:  超弾丸論破2

komaedas: 超弾丸論破2


izurukamukura: By: NitroniC ※Permission was granted by the artist to reprint this work.

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Tags: Anime, Dhiea Super Danganronpa Komaeda Nagito, Open Coat, Aiming At Camera, Black Background

Super Danganronpa 2//Nagito Komaeda

Damn it I didn't like Nagito before so why in this picture.

Happy New Year 2016~★【ダンロンlog】 [3]

Jfc why is it so emotional to me? My Nagito baby I'd adopt you.

Komaeda Nagito/#1372622 - Zerochan

17 yrs old. An hologram created by Maya in Mey's lab while training.