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Roy Cascino - owner@Petali China (IT) & Emma Cascino- CFO@Petali China (IT)

Giancarlo Mossi Borella -fashion couturier (IT) & Roy Cascino - owner@Petali China (IT), Valentina Di Mambro - model&entrepreneur (IT)

Valentina Di Mambro - model&entrepreneur(IT), Julia Polikova - HRManager@FESCO-ADESCO, China (Russia), LillyG. - jewelry designer@IFF (China) & Kimi Wang - CD Assistant@IFF (China)

Kimi Wang (China) & Julia F. (Russia)

Lilly G. - jewelry designer@IFF (China), Kimi Wang - CD Assistant @IFF (China) & Paulina Cudna - Photographer@IFF (Poland)

Iraida Florea - creative director@IFF & ShanShe - Entrepreneur (China)

The House of Roosevelt Wine Cellars received us with an amazing mysterious atmosphere!

Valentina Di Mambro - model&entrepreneur(IT), Vittorio Innocenzi - entrepreneur (IT), Iraida Florea - creative director@IFF & Giancarlo Mossi Borella - fashion couturier (IT)

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