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Are you wondering what you should take with you to chemo treatments? Well, here you go: Our blog post today covers this for you. Take a look and please share with anyone that may be getting ready to take chemo treatments.

Your first chemo treatment is coming up and you’re not sure what to expect. Here is a quick list of things other WhatNexters have brought to their first chemo that has made them super prepared.

Your first chemo treatment is coming up and you’re not sure what to expect. As a follow-up to our first post on 22 Things to Bring to Chemo, we have added 15 more things thanks to Facebook Contributors. Getting some of these things together might ease your anxiety about going to your ...

My tote has small bottle of water (their Cups spill) blanket (always cold) little pillow (chemo chairs get uncomfortable) tablet (Fl cancer specialists offer WiFi) Kleenex paper and pen, and the things on the list in this link.

Please share this with anyone you know undergoing chemotherapy now or in the future, it could mean the difference between life and death

Surviving Chemotherapy: A must read for chemo patients

Surviving Chemotherapy - Insights about gut health, cancer, and how your diet and lifestyle can help you survive cancer

Cotton Head Scarves, Cancer Patient Head Scarves, Chemo Scarf, Head Wrap, Pre-tied Cancer Scarves - TLC

Our Pre-Tied Cancer Scarf is an easy choice for chemo patients who need a soft cotton head wrap.

Cancer Gift Care Basket

Cancer Gift Patient Care package was designed for a cancer patient who was going through chemotherapy treatment. Ideal gift to send for someone going through chemo treatment or cancer related surgery.

¿Cómo enfrentar mejor la quimioterapia

If you or a loved one are going thru chemo, i recommend this article. Ten Things I Wish My Doctor Told Me About Chemotherapy: Help Other People Going Through Chemo

Bling Bling puke cup. Apparantly you get to puke in style now. Have at it ..Just don't let me hear it or see it.

I made this leopard trash can as a cute barf bucket for a friend going through chemo. A funny yet thoughtful gift. Sometimes it can be hard thinking of gifts for cancer patients. Would also be good for person with Crohn's!