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Savoy cabbage (or cavolo verza) - a crinkly, tender cabbage that you don't have to cook as much, seems more common in Europe, and has its own website (

Sauerkraut is cabbage that has gone through a multiweek, anaerobic lacto-fermentation process. Mongols brought it to Europe?

A white cabbage. Member of the Brassica oleracea family, sometimes called "cole crops." Rich in vitamins A and C.

January King Cabbage. What's not to like about a "gorgeous edible winter landscape plant"?

Shoshudori cabbages. Reported to be very flavorful.

Napa "Chinese" cabbage, the key ingredient in baechu kimchi

"Jersey cabbages" (also called "long jacks") have dense, fibrous stalks that can grow 10 feet or higher. The stalks make good walking sticks.

Cabbages are part of the capitata group of brassicas, due to their "leafy heads."