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Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone, Montana //

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone, Montana //

From the polar bear to the sloth bear, these animals have many fascinating traits.

10 things you probably don't know about bears

[Nostalgic - Montana - Bears - Mountain - Snow - Photograph]

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For my kids to see a cheetah and a lion in the wild before they are lost.....that would be a most excellent adventure

Cheetah running by CincinnatiZoo - Cheetahs are the fastest animals on Earth. Here the front limbs are so far back it looks lika a kangaroo!

A bison found near the mountains

Bison (aka Buffalo or Tatanka) in front of the Tetons. The Grand Tetons Mountains are in Wyoming, USA. I want to see wild Bison in my travels!

Cool place to learn about black bear cubs, black bears | In The ...

Everyone seems to love black bear cubs! The Wisconsin Black Bear Education Center's mission is “to observe the habits of black bears in a real-life at