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Great North Run - done!

Great North Run - Most iconic half-marathon in the world

When visiting Italy, you are going to want to stop for a café or two.  Here is everything you need to order coffee in Italy like a pro!

How to Order Coffee in Italy like a Pro!

How to Order Coffee in Italy like a Pro! This article contains all the tips, phrases and tricks you need to order coffee like an italian

If you are looking for a new adventure this insane hotel room is just what you may be looking for.

It’s The World’s Scariest Hotel Room, But The Experience Is Worth It

nice Travel Bucket List Alert: A Hanging Hotel You Rock Climb Up to and Zip-line Down From.


Great picture in The Times from top of London's new tallest building, Renzo Piano's "The Shard". Crane operator's view of City of London.

18th Century inspired hair made out of sheet music!

I well scarves and this would be a wonderful mannequin to arrange as a centerpiece in a scarf display.

Ponte Vecchio Photo | Views from Piazzale Michelangelo - Florence Pictures & Photos

Suggestive picture of Ponte Vecchio, other bridges and Lungarni from Piazzale Michelangelo.

The Snowy London..  | via Tumblr

London in Snow, Black and White. Can it get any better? In 2013 we had a London with snow. It was a wonderfull experience . We celebrated my husbands birthday in London.


Cocktails in the Gothic splendour of the Gilbert Scott bar, Midland Hotel, St Pancras

Italy is all about food. It is one of the greatest pleasures during a trip to Italy. There are a few things that are a little bit different in a restaurant than what you might be used to. Here are our tips for how to order food in Italy.

How to Order Food in Italy

Japanese architect Tadao Ando's work usually leaves people stunned, but his latest work is simply breathtaking. Ando was charged with creating a more serene environment for a 15-year-old stone sculpture of Buddha located in Sapporo's Makomanai Takino Cemetery. In order to retain the revered statue's appearance, the prolific architect carefully embedded an amazing open-air prayer hall around the massive statue.

Tadao Ando embeds open-air prayer hall around massive 15-year-old Buddha statue

Japanese architect Tadao Ando has concealed a huge stone statue of the buddha within a hill covered in lavender plants at the Makomanai Takino Cemetery.

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Related image